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Almost 30 years of experience… In 1988 we started working with health information systems.  In 1992 we founded Advanced Data Support, a company dedicated to developing medical and dental billing systems.

In 1999 we started to offer medical billing services, which consisted of offering billing services to a select group of doctors covering over 20 different specialties.

In 2000 we initiated processing electronic transactions between healthcare providers (our clients) and insurance companies.  This service allowed healthcare providers to submit their electronic claims to all participating health insurers, through a single connection, much earlier than implementation of HIPAA in 2003.

Afterwards in 2003 we merged with EVERTEC (Popular Inc. subsidiary), the leading electronic transaction company in the Caribbean basin, to create a Health Division and give continuity to the services we were already providing in the health industry.

Most recently in 2008 we embarked on a new journey, founding ASSERTUS Inc.  This presented us with the unique opportunity of making the most of our more than two decades of experience.  We decided ASSERTUS Inc. would give us the necessary platform to develop new billing and transaction processing systems, based on the current needs of the industry.


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We are an innate Puerto Rican company with more than 25 years of experience offering technological solutions to medical professionals in Puerto Rico, and currently expanding to other countries.  Our team is composed of highly trained professionals, and experts in every area of the company.






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At Assertus we take our commitments very seriously.  We guarantee every aspect of our service quality, from optimal functioning of our systems, to the personal and professional treatment from every single one of our employees.  We have our sights permanently set on exceeding expectations in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.  Assertus works hard and diligently to achieve this objective.

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Consistently offer an exceptional service to the health industry of Puerto Rico and beyond.  We strive towards this vision by providing the highest quality and technical tools that add value and efficiency to our clients’ operations.

Mission Statement

As a company we are on the continuous search to improve administrative processes in the health industry, and concurrently enhance the service quality provided to the health patient.

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