Our Values

Throughout our professional lives we have developed certain values that make us who we are, and set us apart from our competition and other healthcare industry sectors. Our company values are the traits, principles, and habits that enable us to be successful at what we do. We apply these values in everything we do and it allows us to consistently improve as a company. Every person associated with Assertus knows and understands these values, but more importantly they apply it day in and day out without hesitation.

Here we publish our company values for all current and future employees, to serve as a guide in what we expect every employee to embody. It is paramount that every individual at our company exemplifies these values and consistently applies them to their work areas.

Our clients are the reason we are here. It is our duty to offer high quality products that fulfill our client’s needs, and add value to their daily operations. For us, customer service is just as important as technological innovation. Under no circumstance will we compromise our ethics and norms for potential, short-sighted benefits. We are extremely receptive to our clients’ concerns, and we are diligent in our pursuit to exceed their expectations.

Put simply, our business model relies on innovation. Besides the quality of our products, everything we develop, geared towards claim solutions and client based issues, has to be innovative. Our products have to culminate in operational and financial efficiency for our clients. We must and will, at every cost, avoid stagnating.

As a company we are genuinely serious about our social responsibilities. We are sensitive to personnel situations that might affect our co-workers. We also make sure to allocate time and resources in contribution of entities around us that engage in community service.

At Assertus we have a global perspective. We understand that we can’t do it all, and quite to the contrary we believe there is strength when companies work together to achieve common goals. This is the reason we specialize in what excel at, and concurrently work with business partners to offer cutting-edge solutions to the market. We promote a business environment based on cooperation where companies that share certain interests can harmoniously work together. Our commitment to our business partners is as important as any other part of our business model, thus we make sure our employees carry out this vision when taking on their respective tasks.

At Assertus we don’t allow our passion to cloud our objectives, and that means treating our competition in a just and ethic manner. It doesn’t matter how strong or aggressive our competition is, we focus our energies on constantly improving ourselves. We avoid confrontations, and we don’t spend any time talking about our competitors. Those who constantly speak about the competition, whether good or bad, eventually have nothing to show for themselves. Constantly observing what the competition is doing ultimately leads to imitation, not innovation. This does not mean we don’t pay attention to what our competitors are doing; it simply means we monitor the competition without deviating in the slightest from achieving our goals, much like when one drives on the highway and is aware of surrounding cars, but never slows down to observe them.

Due to the nature and size of our business, it is obviously not a one person operation. Employees working together are crucial to the success of our company. Our philosophy at Assertus is one of inclusiveness and cooperation where employees of all levels interact with each other. We are proud of what we do, and by supporting each other we all reap the benefits of what we achieve together.

We expect commitment and performance above industry standards for each of our employees. Each of us can and should leave a positive imprint in everything we do. At the end of the day Assertus is a direct reflection of its people.

We establish far-reaching objectives for our company, but never unattainable ones. We recognize this is a historic moment where our products are having a positive impact on our clients’ administrative processes, by achieving efficiency and satisfaction not seen before. We are all pulling together in the same direction, pursuing goals that benefit all parties involved.

By definition, Quality refers to the set of inherent properties of a thing that allows to characterize and value it with respect to the rest of its kind. Quality also establishes superiority or excellence. Undoubtedly, this Value brings all Our Values together in one. Quality defines us as human beings and as a company. To achieve this, we must have commitment and discipline to follow the established procedures, make correct decisions, determine the steps to take, take responsibility and always verify the final result of the work done, no matter how many times you have done it. Quality in everything we do, makes us different, feel proud of the work we do, be more productive, achieve loyalty and security by our customers and finally create positive publicity.

Assertus encourages each of its employees to profoundly analyze these values and make their own introspection in respect to them. Identify what we can improve on, and apply it so that we continue to improve on what we do. Let us put our best efforts forward in exemplifying these values in order to stay on this successful path.

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