MedicusEHR Application Data Access – API

MedicusEHR© v1.0 Application Data Access API Client Documentation

This document contains the information necessary for applications to access and consume Application Data Access APIs for MedicusEHR v1.0. This documentation describes the RESTful API, including the endpoints, function names, required and optional parameters and their data types, return variables and their types/structures with sample for successful and failed transactions.

Developer Registration
The registration process is not direct with Medicus Clinical, LLC. Developer or User with interest in Application Data Access APIs for MedicusEHR v1.0 will need to contact a healthcare provider and/or Practice with a valid License of Use to the Application and request proper access and credentials in accordance with such provider and/or Practice policies and procedures.

Acceptance of Terms of Use
By implementing and/or using the Application Program Interface (API’s) to access data on MedicusEHR, you are accepting the Application Program Interface Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound to such terms and conditions.

MedicusEHR Application Data Access – API & Terms and Conditions