MedicusEHR Wating List Form

    Type of Users & Fees Quantity Monthly Fee Setup Notes, Details and Exceptions
    • Physicians Monthly Fee: $75.00

    Setup Fee: $500.00

    Nurse Monthly Fee: $45.00

    Setup Fee: $200.00

    • Clerks & Adm. Monthly Fee: $45.00

    Setup Fee: $200.00

    No Charge for ProClaim users.
    Other Fees
    Annual Estimated Licenses Fees (AMA Codes, Direct Messaging & others) $195.00/Rendering Provider)
    I’m interested in being contacted by ASSERTUS® Representative, for more information and detailed orientation of the system and being the first ones to have MedicusEHR® experience
    With the signing of this commitment, I understand the ASSERTUS price structure the implementation and use of MedicusEHR in my facilities. I recognize that some features and functionalities of the system are in development process and that as of the date of signing this document may not be available. Nor is there any warranty, express or implied service. ASSERTUS reserves the right to add, modify or eliminate characteristics and functionalities of MedicusEHR system. This document is a pre-proposal, subsequently will be required, the signing of a formal proposal and corresponding agreements and licenses.