ASSERTUS offers Clearinghouse service to most medical plans in Puerto Rico. Our technology and excellence in service has led us to be the main Health Clearinghouse on the island.

Main services we offer through ASSERTUS Clearinghouse:

  • Clearinghouse Services (X12 Tx processing: 837,835,270-271,276-277)
  • Business Rules application
  • Electronic Claim Attachments
  • GAPs in Care Distribution Systems
  • Clinical Data Receiving and Processing Systems
  • Hospital Document Loader Systems
  • Health Risk Assessment Systems
  • MMIS Claims File Processing
  • EDPS Claims File Processing
  • Customized Analysis Reports

And more…

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TRIPLE-S ADVANTAGE Business Partners
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MMM / PMC Business Partners
HUMANA Business Partners
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SSBV Business Partners
Inspira Business Partners


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