Integration with your EHR

Our philosophy is simple… The healthcare provider should choose the EHR/EMR system that best suits their operational and financial situations, and integrate it with the best billing and collection system in the industry, ProClaim®.


ProClaim® conveniently integrates with the vast majority of Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) systems available in the market.

This integration is achieved through the communication protocol Health Level-7 (HL7) and other proprietor protocols.  HL7 is a health industry standard that allows a seamless integration of different systems which in turn enables the sharing of relevant information throughout the medical facility.

This EHR/EMR integration with ProClaim® prevents data entry duplicity, eliminates the majority of common errors committed throughout the process, speeds up, and maximizes billing and collection of services rendered to the patient.


  1. Patient Appointments
  2. Demographic Data
  3. Patient Check-In and Check-Out
  4. Doctor-patient encounters / Billing Processes


  1. Integrity and consistency within the data – All information is registered and updated in both systems.
  2. Faster registration process – No duplicity in data entry.
  3. Clear and efficient billing process – The claim is generated based on the doctor-patient encounter as registered in the EHR/EMR system.
  4. Greater controls – The billing process is done correctly from the start for every patient attended to.

Systems ProClaim® interfaces with:

Company: AltosSolutions
Product: OncoEMR

Company: ChartLogic
Product: ChartLogic

Company: SabiaMed, Inc.
Product: ClinNext

Company: eHealth Partners
Product: EHR EZ


Company: Modernizing Medicine
Product: EMA / ELLKAY

Company: Modernizing Medicine
Product: EMA

Company: EyeMD PR
Product: EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems

Company: Flatiron Health
Product: OncoEMR



Company: IFA United I-Tech Inc.
Product: IFA

Company: InterMedix
Product: Medios

Company: IO PracticeWare
Product: IO PracticeWare

Company: Infinite Software Solutions, Inc.
Product: MD-Reports


Company: MDTimeline
Product: MDTimeline

Product: MEDITECH Expanse

Company: HealthTronics
Product: MeridianEMR

Company: Nextech
Product: Nextech (MD)

Company: NeoDeck Holdings
Product: NeoMed

Company: Open Dental
Product: Opendental Software

Company: Praxis
Product: Praxis

Company: Prognocis
Product: prognoCIS



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Company: SOAPware Puerto Rico
Product: SOAPware

Company: EHR-Group PR
Product: SpringCharts

Company: HealthTronics
Product: UroChart