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Throughout our professional lives we have developed certain values that make us who we are, and set us apart from our competition and other healthcare industry sectors. Our company values are the traits, principles, and habits that enable us to be successful at what we do. We apply these values in everything we do and it allows us to consistently improve as a company. Every person associated with Assertus knows and understands these values, but more importantly they apply it day in and day out without hesitation.

Here we publish our company values for all current and future employees, to serve as a guide in what we expect every employee to embody. It is paramount that every individual at our company exemplifies these values and consistently applies them to their work areas.

At Assertus, our clients are our priority. We are dedicated to offering high-quality products and exceptional, efficient and personalized customer service, with the goal of meeting your needs and expectations. We value long-term, positive relationships and continually work to add value to our clients’ operations.

At Assertus, we are guided by the principle of innovation. We are committed to developing innovative products that address the needs and complaints of our customers, improving operational and financial efficiency. We foster a culture of creativity, curiosity and willingness to take calculated risks, avoiding routine and always seeking original and advanced solutions that generate a positive and sustainable impact.

At Assertus, we demonstrate sensitivity to the personal situations of our colleagues and are committed to improving the quality of life of our employees, their families and the community. Through “Assertus en Acción”, we dedicate time and resources to support community entities, promoting well-being, economic and social development. We respect people, ethical values, the community and the environment, actively contributing to the common good.

At Assertus, we promote a collaborative environment with our business partners, sharing our vision and values. We are committed to delivering on our promises and ensuring that everyone at Assertus honors the company’s commitments. We work strategically and collaboratively to achieve common objectives and create shared value, benefiting all parties involved.

At Assertus, we treat our competition fairly and ethically, keeping our passions aligned with our goals. We focus our energies on continuous improvement and avoid confrontations or comments about our competitors. We observe the competition without deviating from our goals, firmly believing in creation and innovation instead of imitation.

At Assertus, teamwork is essential to our success. We encourage collaboration, open communication and interaction between employees at all levels. We promote the integration of diverse skills and perspectives, combining individual efforts to achieve superior results. We support each other, share achievements and take pride in our work, ensuring a harmonious and efficient environment to achieve common goals and shared success.

At Assertus, we believe in the enthusiasm, energy and deep commitment of our employees. We expect performance above industry standards, where every person makes a difference. We cultivate an environment where enthusiasm and dedication are critical to success, inspiring everyone to be their best and reflecting these values ​​throughout the organization.

At Assertus, we set high but achievable goals, aware of the positive impact of our products on the administrative and clinical processes of our clients. We work together, aligned in the same direction, achieving unprecedented efficiencies and levels of satisfaction.

At Assertus, quality is not just a standard, it is our essence. We are committed to rigorously following established procedures, making sound decisions and taking responsibility for the results. Quality permeates every aspect of our operations, from production to customer service. We strive to provide products, services and experiences that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, thereby creating loyalty and trust. At Assertus, quality sets us apart, makes us proud, and drives us toward excellence in everything we do.

At Assertus, we act with the highest ethical standards and transparency in all our actions and decisions. Our commitment to integrity strengthens trust with our clients and creates a positive and sustainable work environment.


The Commitment is demonstrated with actions and their results. Every day our people put all their effort, discipline and hard work to fulfill the commitments we make with our clients and business partners. Complying with the commitments made is what gives trust and creates loyalty between the parties.
“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent and effort-focused planning.”
(Paul J. Meyer)

For more than 30 years we have shown that our clients are our reason for being. We are very clear that in addition to offering high quality technological products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and add value to their operations, Customer Service is even more important. We are sensitive to our customers’ claims and make sure they exceed their expectations. Our clients know they count on us, ALWAYS.

ASSERTUS is based on the principle of innovation. In addition to the quality of our products, everything we develop has to be novel, having as a guide the solution to the claims and needs of our customers. Our products have to result in operational and financial efficiencies. All the systems we offer are 100% developed by our programming team here in Puerto Rico. This allows us to develop new and better tools, without relying on third parties, which makes us more efficient and have greater quality control in everything we do.

We have the unwavering commitment that all the systems we develop are aligned with federal and state requirements for electronic exchange between the covered entities, confidentiality, privacy, quality metrics, among others.

We pledge our word in everything we do. If we say we are going to do something, we do it, and as a general rule, we exceed customer expectations. We do not pressure the client or tie him with unilateral contracts. Our clients are with us because we fulfill what we offer.

We cannot pretend to be the only ones in the industry. Therefore, we have been and will continue to be collaborators with all health sectors, including with our competitors and other suppliers. To be the best, we don’t have to be the biggest or the only ones. Our philosophy is for the provider to decide which system or combination of systems are the most favorable for the management of your practice or health facility. If any of our services are included in that decision in combination with any other market system, we have the two most important elements, the technological capacity and the will to achieve the interface or integration as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By definition, Quality refers to the set of properties inherent in a thing that allows it to be characterized and valued with respect to the rest of its species. Quality also establishes superiority or excellence. Undoubtedly, this Value brings together all Our Values into one. Quality defines us as human beings and as a company. To achieve it, you have to have commitment and discipline in following the established procedures, making the right decisions, determining the steps to follow, taking responsibility and always checking the final result of the work done, no matter how many times you have done it. Quality in everything we do, makes us be different, feel pride in the work we do, be more productive, achieve loyalty and security from our customers.

Assertus encourages each of its employees to profoundly analyze these values and make their own introspection in respect to them. Identify what we can improve on, and apply it so that we continue to improve on what we do. Let us put our best efforts forward in exemplifying these values in order to stay on this successful path.

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