The architecture under which MedicusEHR was developed, allows the flexibility to access the patient's medical history, document the encounter, make an electronic prescription and prepare the necessary orders, from anywhere.

Cloud Based System

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Smart technology that simplifies

MedicusEHR is a system that learns on the go, for a faster and more effective implementation.

• Focused on reducing the use of the keyboard.
• Machine learning tools, to help vendor document notes quickly.
• Revolutionary technology for users.

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MedicusEHR has a direct connection with the MisResultados® service to send laboratory orders and receive the results electronically. MisResultados® has nearly 500 participating laboratories in Puerto Rico.

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Our certified Electronic Prescription service connects to 95% of pharmacies in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Achieving true interoperability for continued medical care should be a priority for providers and other entities interested in patient health care. MedicusEHR receives and analyzes clinical data from third parties and interacts with internal devices, which help the healthcare provider to document and establish the appropriate treatment plan.


With MedicusEHR, you can...

• care for your patient from home or office, 7/24,
• always have the patient's clinical information available,
• document the call in MedicusEHR,
• send laboratory orders,
• send recipes electronically,
• send the meeting electronically to the biller for due process.

Transform your practice with a powerful, reliable and efficient Electronic Medical Record (EHR).

At ASSERTUS we have achieved industry-wide recognition as leaders in innovation and service excellence.  Our goal has always been clear – we strive to satisfy customers’ expectations by providing first-rate technological solutions in combination with unparalleled customer service.

MEDICUS, developed exclusively by ASSERTUS in Puerto Rico, represents a new generation of health information systems. MedicusEHR, is the clinical platform that seamlessly complements the practice management system and the Clearinghouse service, both of which ASSERTUS has successfully offered for years.

The architecture of MedicusEHR considers the challenges presented by our geographical location in order to assure the health professional that the clinical information of his patients will always be available.

Contact us to request a demonstration and additional information from MedicusEHR:

Pre-Visit Management

MedicusEHR provides a well informed and structured Pre-visit planning mechanism, that enhances the patient’s experience, increases patient engagement, and improves practice efficiency. As a result, healthcare providers improve team coordination and increase operational efficiency, which culminates in more time being spent delivering meaningful care.

  • Scheduling management
  • Automatic reminders and SMS Messaging – Patient Appointments, Clinical Notifications; Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Administrative, Gaps in Care, Pending Orders; labs, imaging, studies and an advance functionalities for order status.
  • Pre-visit automatic eligibility check
  • Patient remote Check-In option
  • Clinical Evaluation – An advance tool to create the progress note, with a State-of-the-Art design with the flexibility to transform the way you do the clinical documentation.
  • Alerts Dashboard
  • Electronic Medication Reconciliation (eMAR)
  • Business Analytic Reports
  • Follow Up Management – Notifications

Smart Patient Workflow

MedicusEHR provides patient workflow visibility across the entire medical practice in order to deliver consistent and efficient service that ensures a better patient experience.

Patient in MindMedicusEHR has an intuitive and adaptable workflow of the patient, which integrates administrative and clinical processes that result in higher efficiency and superior control for better patient service.

Having the visibility of every patient’s point of service, MedicusEHR can establish optimal service levels at each stage. The quality of service is monitored by time and quality metrics that identify areas of opportunity with the aim of improving patient experience.

MedicusEHR connects with most pharmacies
in the United States and Puerto Rico.



Our certified Electronic Prescribing service connects with 95% of the pharmacies across the United States and Puerto Rico.

  • Automatic drug reconciliation
  • Drugs database updated daily
  • Brand and generic drugs management
  • Medication dosage based on the patient’s age and weight
  • Medication history as dispensed to the patient by the pharmacy(ies)
  • Drug to Drug/Drug to Allergies Interaction


MedicusEHR has a direct connection to MisResultados service for the purpose of sending laboratory orders and receiving results electronically. MisResultados has more than 500 participating laboratories in Puerto Rico.

Sending and receiving laboratory orders electronically is not just more convenient, it is more reliable and efficient. MedicusEHR receives laboratory results electronically, updates patient’s record and organizes them in a manner that allows for comparison with previous laboratory results. It offers special visibility of the results and alerts the user when results are outside the normal parameters so that the appropriate action(s) can be taken with the patient.

Administración de Salud de la Población

  • Interoperability – ability to interact; labs results, imaging results, e-prescriptions, Consolidate – Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) export
  • Risk adjustment factor-risk score visibility
  • 5 star metrics – Gaps in care notifications
  • F codes – automatic F codes integration, based on the documented metric
  • Active engagement with reporting from electronic public health agencies
  • Analytic reports

Patient Engagement

  • Patient Portal and mobile application
  • Health related educational material
  • Online appointment request
  • Text Message (SMS) appointment notifications and confirmations
  • Gaps-In-Care notifications

Compliance – 5 Star Doctor

MedicusEHR is built around patient health and compliance.  For a doctor to be Five-Star, his patients must be Five-Star. The concept of a “5 Star-Doctor” is the ideal profile of a doctor who possesses a combination of skills that allow him or her to carry out effective health services, meeting the requirements of relevance, quality, cost-effectiveness and healthcare equity.

MedicusEHR provides the healthcare provider with valuable information and guidelines to achieve the expected quality in a cost-effective manner that is consistent with its delivery of health services.

  • Clinical Quality Measures and Meaningful Use Dashboard
  • CCDA generation for safe & easy health information exchange
  • Electronic order for medications (prescriptions), laboratories, and diagnostic imaging
  • Secured Patient Portal for: (1) providing safe, easy, and timely electronic access to health information and patient-specific education material and (2) engaging patients or their authorized representatives about the patient’s care
  • Universal languages in compliance with EHR standard requirements; ICD10, CPT, HCPCS, LOINC, RxNorm, Snomed
  • Protect ePHI created or maintained in compliance with healthcare privacy & security standards
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) – Providers will have access to data to establish the appropriate treatment plan for patients based on their diagnosis, laboratories, medications, vitals and more. The provider can also configure the CDS according to its population needs.
  • Meaningful Use (MACRA, MIPS) – Based on the requirements of the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology).
  • Gaps in Care – Pending metrics related to compliance with the Medicare Advantage population.
  • Transition from Volume-Based Healthcare model (Fee for Service), to Value-Based Care (Fee for Value/Performance).

A patient in compliance is a provider in compliance.  

True healthcare interoperability across the continuum of care

Revenue Cycle/Billing

MedicusEHR integrates seamlessly with ASSERTUS billing system, ProClaim. This provides security and efficiency throughout the process, from the patient appointment (Pre-Visit), until payment is received for the health services rendered.

ProClaim has become the preferred billing system among health providers, outpatient health centers and independent billers (billing agencies) through of Puerto Rico. With the integrated technology of ASSERTUS Clearinghouse in ProClaim system, efficiencies are achieved that translate into a better collection to health plans.


Achieving true healthcare interoperability across the continuum of care, must be a top priority for providers and other healthcare stakeholders.  MedicusEHR will receive and analyze clinical data from third parties and interact with internal devices that will help physician to document and establish the appropriate treatment plan.

  • Clinical devices
  • External Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Gaps-In-Care
  • Exchange with other EHRs
  • Standard C-CDA (Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture)
  • HL7 interface (SIU, ADT, DFT)
  • Direct Secure Messaging
  • Referring
  • Laboratories
  • Radiology
  • Payers
  • Patients Portal
  • Pharmacies
  • Public entities (government)

Intelligent Technology that Simplify

MedicusEHR is a system that learn on the run, for a quick and more effective EHR implementation.

  • Focus on the reduction key strokes
  • Machine learning tools to help doctors document notes quickly
  • Add revolutionary technology to users

Technology for Continuity of Care

MedicusEHR architecture is thought on Patient Continuity of Care.  Due to the cloud and client hybrid structure adopted in the design of the system, MedicusEHR allows to keep patient healthcare history available even when Internet connection is down.  This contingency allows to perform healthcare treatment with patient clinical history, as allergies, medications, health concerns and others to keep tracking and proper continuing of care.  In the eventuality of a non-controlled event, as an internet service interruption, all your patient’s healthcare history will be available when it is needful.

Fits Any Practice 

MedicusEHRfits most of Out-Patients facilities, such as medical offices of all specialties, primary health centers, surgery centers, among others.  The system offers the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios regardless of the number of administrative users, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

  • Multiple providers and specialties management
  • Multiple users and roles by point of service (administrative staff, other healthcare professionals and physicians)
  • Medical charting templates for several specialties
  • Access to create and to adapt templates
  • Frequently list – fast access to medications, diagnosis, procedures, labs, imagines and others

ASSERTUS es Servicio e Innovación

Customer Service and continuous innovation are two qualities that have always characterized us. At ASSERTUS we strive and are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers, efficiently serving their service needs and offering the most advanced technological solutions, which add value to the operation of our customers.

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