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Service quality is our ultimate commitment…

We are committed to offering a service that exceeds our client’s expectations.  Aware of the fact that the efficiency of medical facilities is negatively impacted when computing systems don’t work accordingly or when the user has any lingering doubts, we have designed in our office headquarters a call center specifically directed towards giving special attention to our clients and solving issues they may be having.

We count on the most trained personnel in the industry who are experts in health insurance billing, everything concerning electronic billing (EMC), and all rules established by HIPAA.

We guarantee a great service experience.  

settings@2x Installation

Excellent system performance requires experts taking part in making sure such systems are correctly installed and configured.

Here at Assertus we count on highly experienced and knowledgeable technical professionals who take every measure in making sure our client’s systems function optimally. 

people Training Programs

Training Calendar

The foundation for success in the functioning of any information system rests in great measure on the knowledge and expertise possessed by the administrative personnel who utilize the system.

For this reason we at Assertus focus in investing the necessary time in making sure users of our systems are skilled in all functions of such systems.  This guarantees our clients will get the most out of our system and their investment.

We count on instructors/trainers  who are highly experienced in medical and dental billing, everything concerning electronic billing (EMC), and rules established by HIPAA.

We offer trainings at our client’s facilities and at our office headquarters in Corporate Office Park located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.


settings@2x  Other Services

Implementing a billing system is an important decision, and ensuring a smooth implementation that guarantees the best results possible, is just as important.  

To guarantee a successful implementation of the system, ASSERTUS offers:

  • Basic Configuration

    The success of a computerized information system greatly depends on how well it is configured.  As part of the initial process with every client, your system is delivered with its basic configuration.  Afterwards our ProClaim experts assist users in personalizing and adapting the system to their operational needs.

  • Data Migration

    More than 90% of our new clients previously used another billing system.  To facilitate this transition process, we transfer your patients’ demographic data from your previous billing system to your new billing system.  This service generally carries no additional cost for our clients.

  • Periodic Updates

    ProClaim is an extremely dynamic system, for which the client will receive periodic notifications regarding system updates.  These updates typically consist of new features, improvements, etc.

  • Installation

    Contamos con el equipo técnico capacitado para hacer una instalación efectiva del sistema ProClaim, con la flexibilidad de de hacerla de manera remota o físicamente en las facilidades del cliente.

  • Annual Updates

    ASSERTUS is an authorized distributor for the American Medical Association (AMA) in regards to the distribution and annual update of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.  These CPT codes are updated annually at a miniscule cost.  Furthermore and with no additional cost to our clients we update ICD-9 codes, Medicare rates (including Advantage plans), and lastly the NPI (National Provider Identifier)for all healthcare providers in Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands.

  • Empowering the User

    At Assertus we count on a highly trained group of ProClaim specialists, who have the necessary skills to pass on their knowledge and help our clients command all features of the system.  This empowers our clients to reap the highest benefits from their billing system.  Initially our training programs take place in our client’s facilities to make sure users feel comfortable in their work environment and thus we make the learning curve quicker and easier.  Additionally, in our facilities we have a state of the art ‘hands-on’ training center where we offer numerous ProClaim workshops focused on effective configuration of the system, billing processes, payments and report conciliations.  Our clients can register their office personnel to any available session, at no additional cost.

  • EHR/EMR Interface (HL7)

    Times have changed.  Practice Management Software (PMS) is no longer the only computerized billing system in your office.  The Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) is now a reality and in the coming years an EHR that complies with industry standards will likely become a required component of medical facilities who need to exchange pertinent patient information.  Consistency and reliability of information is vital to every medical facility.  This is why it’s paramount that your billing system shares information with your EHR and vice-versa.  The standard protocol Health Level Seven (HL7) exists for this exact purpose.  HL7 enables the interaction between your EHR and PMS so they can share information with each other.  This way, there is transparent and automatic sharing of information regarding the patient’s demographic record, appointments, and the doctor-patient encounter in order to generate the appropriate claim.

  • Remote Hosting

    Service through which our clients use ProClaim while it runs on the servers located in our data center.  Clients that subscribe to this service have the option of accessing ProClaim from any work station, without the need to install the system in their facilities.  ASSERTUS takes responsibility for maintaining the necessary infrastructure for optimum operation of the system, counting on all the contingencies and redundancies of a world-class data center.   

    The Remote Hosting service from ASSERTUS helps organizations manage their information system infrastructure while they free up the necessary resources and physical space required for the system to be installed in their own facilities.

    Benefits from this service:

    • World-class infrastructure
    • System availability
    • Cost control

    Servicio de Apoyo

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    Calidad de servicio es nuestro compromiso…

    Estamos comprometidos en ofrecer un servicio que exceda las expectativas del cliente. Consientes de que el funcionamiento de las facilidades médicas se ve impacta cuando su sistema de cómputos no funciona adecuadamente o cuando el usuario tiene alguna duda, hemos diseñado en nuestro centro de llamadas un modelo de servicio al cliente dirigido a dar especial atención al cliente y la resolución de problemas.

    Contamos con el personal más capacitado de la industria, expertos en facturación a planes médicos, y todo lo concerniente a facturación electrónica (EMC) y a las reglas que establece HIPAA.

    Le garantizamos que el servicio será toda una experiencia. 

  • Support in Developing Your Own Business

    Here at ASSERTUS we assist you in developing your own medical billing agency.  We advise you with respect to the necessary requirements in the industry, and we offer you the option that best serves your financial and operational reality.

  • Clearinghouse Service

    At ASSERTUS we offer the leading service for the processing of electronic transactions between healthcare providers and health insurance companies.  Our commitment which we have carried with us for more than 25 year is simple; guarantee and provide an excellent, reliable, and efficient system for our clients.  We are your Clearinghouse…