Puerto Rican co. Assertus Holdings gets federal gov’t certification

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Assertus Holdings, LLC, provider of health information systems for medical facilities administration, obtained the most recent certification for its MedicusEHR electronic medical record platform, from the Office of the National Technology Coordinator in its latest edition.

This certification was obtained through the ONC-Authorized certification body.

To obtain this authentication, MedicusEHR was subjected to tests that demonstrated that the product met the standards and certification criteria established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The seal of approval validates that MedicusEHR meets the modular requirements for which it was certified.

“This is a significant achievement, because we not only developed a quality electronic medical record nationwide, we also managed to certify it in record time. Just months after Hurricane María, we began to take the first steps for the development of MedicusEHR and we trust that this project will define our company for the next decade. It has been the product of a great effort by an extraordinary work team. I feel very proud to be able to work with such a talented and passionate group,” said Michael Jiménez, president of Assertus.

The platform is an electronic medical record system (EHR), which simplifies and automates the clinical documentation processes, guarantees interoperability and increases the level of commitment on the part of the patient, with respect to their health.

So far it has been achieved that 100% of MedicusEHR implants have gone live in an average of two to three days, with an extraordinary level of satisfaction among all users.