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Hogar de Niños El Ave María

The Home: Aware of the seriousness of the problem of child abuse, the order of the Trinitarian Fathers, the Trinitarian Laity and the community of the Ascension of the Lord of Rexville parish in Bayamón, took a step forward and created El Hogar del Niño El Ave María in Bayamón Gardens. It is a nonprofit institution duly registered with the Department of State and Finance.

This Home houses children who have suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse, who have been referred by the Department of the Family. They remain in the Home until the Department itself provides them with a permanent home. Currently, the Home houses 17 children whose ages range from newborns to three years of age.

Mission: To welcome children from newborns up to three years old, who have suffered abuse and neglect, offering them a comprehensive service and a transitional home, inculcating religious values, human warmth and motherly care.

Vision: To be recognized as the best institution in the care and integral development of children from newborns up to three years, who have been victims of abuse and neglect. We serve children from all parts of the island of Puerto Rico without exception of color, race, gender, belief or economic or social situation.

Assertus in Action provided them with compelling items for the home, as well as clothing, shoes and toys for participating children, as well as spending time with them. This year Assertus (2015) made an economic contribution for the third gala of the Christmas concert “Regala Navidad 3” for the benefit of it and is made with the purpose of covering the needs of the home that are not covered with the aid received .


Fundación Cabecitas Rapadas

Help to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in Radio and Chemotherapy, through spiritual, emotional and economic support. Bring joy to patients through recreational activities, provide psychological support, create messages that create awareness in the public and help in areas that the Government or medical plans can not support. Our grants will not be limited to age, sex, religion or nationality.

Assertus supports the foundation in its celebrity bowling tournament held annually.




Susan G. Komen for the Cure® en Puerto Rico


Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in Puerto Rico Established in 2003, Komen Puerto Rico has worked hard to promote awareness of breast cancer in our Island. We firmly believe that early detection is part of the cure to combat this disease.

Since 2014 Assertus supports the foundation by forming an “Assertus in Action” team to participate in Race for the Cure.


Hogar Mis Primeros Pasos


Provide a transitional home for children from the age of zero months to four years of age who have been mistreated and / or voluntarily handed over by their caregivers. To be able to guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of these children.

Assertus made a collection of baby items and food to take them home, also donated a gas stove that has greatly helped them lower the cost of electricity and continue to provide kitchen services even when the electricity goes out.


Operación Niño de la Navidad

Operation Niño de la Navidad is the largest Christmas children’s project in the world. The project is in charge of Samaritan’s Purse with the collaboration of Decision in Spain, a Christian NGO. Since 1990 shoe boxes filled with gifts have been sent to more than 80 million children in need around the world.

Since 2013, Assertus employees have come together to donate gift boxes for children in need around the world.


Relevo Por La Vida

The American Relay for Life Society’s Relay For Life initiative is the largest and most impactful fundraising event in the world to end cancer. Gather communities around the world to celebrate all the people who have fought against cancer and remind loved ones that they are gone, as well as to take action to end this fight once and for all.

Since 2014 Assertus has participated in Relay for Life achieving 100% of the participation of its employees and achieving the goal of equipment collection.


Casa Amor, Fe y Esperanza